Premium Australian Spring Water

From the foothills of an extinct volcano in the Victorian highlands flows a natural spring born from the abundant rainfall over the volcano’s dome. Here water percolates down the scoria until it strikes a solid lava plug in the throat of the extinct volcano.

Naturally alkaline / pH 8.1 / Scoria filtered

On the way, fine lava fragments filter out any particles from the rainwater and add a minute concentrate of minerals creating a uniquely alkaline source. At this point the purified water moves laterally, emerging as springs on the lower slope of the mountain. Our water is rich in natural minerals with a rare and desirable pH of 8.1.

Notable trace elements (typical analysis)
• Magnesium: 26 mg/L
• Potassium:16 mg/L
• Sodium: 36 mg/L
• Calcium: 13 mg/L
• Bicarbonate: 180 mg/L