Plastic-free canned and bottled spring water.

A fantastic alternative to plastic.

Did you know Australia recycles just 16% of PET plastic bottles used to package water? Every year over 370 million plastic bottles end up in our land-fill or oceans. That’s equivalent to 11 bottles a year for every Australian!

Wallaby is a response to the global single-use plastics crisis that threatens our oceans and causes millions of plastic bottles to enter landfill every day; we replace plastic bottles with infinitely recyclable aluminium cans and bottles.

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Recycling rates in Australia.

100% Recyclable - Infinitely.

Aluminium cans are central to a circular economy- being 100% recyclable, infinitely, aluminium won’t lose quality or purity during the recycling process. Unlike plastic, which can only be recycled 2-3 times until it degrades and can no longer be used.

Over two thirds of aluminium is recycled in Australia allowing our all-aluminium cans and bottles to outperform glass, cartons and plastic making them Australia’s most recyclable beverage packaging. 


Aluminium is infinitely recyclable.


Aluminium chills faster, keeping you cool for longer.

Our aluminium bottles and cans contain up to 70% recycled source material.


Aluminium products can go from recycling bins to shelves within 60-90 days.


Spring to action with
pure Australian water.

We package our alkaline spring water at the base of Mt Buninyong in Victoria where abundant rainfall is captured by the mountains dome percolating down the scoria until striking a dense lava plug in the throat of an extinct volcano.

On the way, the fine lava fragments filter out any particles from the rainwater and add a minute concentrate of minerals. At this point the purified water moves laterally, emerging as springs on the lower slope.  Our water is rich in natural minerals with a rare and desirable pH of 8.1.


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